Our firm handles the foreclosure process for lenders and persons holding the mortgage note of the borrower.  The process requires that the attorney research the title, review all of the documents that the lender has and conduct the foreclosure sale.  The process is multi-faceted and requires a very detailed approach which we have extensive experience in.  The process  can generally be completed within 60 days of the referral but in some cases may take longer if curative work is required. The sale itself is very much like an auction whereby the highest bidder purchases the property being auctioned.  We always suggest that if you are the purchaser at these type of sales that you purchase an owner’s title insurance policy.

Property also can be reclaimed by the lender in a deed in lieu of foreclosure whereby the owner of the property deeds it back to the lender under certain agreements between the owner and the lender.  These transactions require that the title search not reveal any problems with the title the owner has other than the mortgage or deed of trust held by the lender. 

Our firm has handled numerous foreclosures and deeds in lieu of foreclosure for lenders and individuals for over 30 years.

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